What we do

The association aims to:

  • collect, evaluate and disseminate knowledge about all domains related to geosynthetics and related products, by:
    • promoting geosynthetics through seminars, symposia, conferences, et cetera;
    • publishing or sponsoring articles and books;
    • creating bibliographies and collections of publications related to the scientific and  technological objectives of BGS
  • improve communication and understanding between all parties who are involved in geosynthetics and their applications, in particular between the textile sector and the civil engineering sector.
  • promote the advancement of the techniques in geosynthetics and their applications by:
    • encouraging, coordinating and/or sponsoring research and development in industry, universities, laboratories and other organizations;
    • recognizing achievement that advance scientific knowledge and practical use of geosynthetics
    • encouraging academic institutions to organize courses about geosynthetics and their applications
    • encouraging, through its members, the standardization of test methodes, test kits and quality criteria for geosynthetics


The BGS hereby wishes to achieve the following: to promote the study and research about geosynthetics, geomembranes and related products and to promote their applications and the collaborations between engineers, scientists, users, producers and providers of these products.